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Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Anti-fatigue lenses are the new generation of single vision lenses, bringing the technology of progressive lenses to 18-40 year old glasses wearers.

Through a gentle addition power in your lenses's near vision zones, these advanced single vision lenses help your eyes focus for prolonged periods, especially while using digital screens.

The result is relaxed, less strained eyes, from lenses that you can wear all day, every day.

We offer our anti-fatigue lenses at what are usually lens-only prices set by lens companies, but include our frame without extra cost!

We believe a quality frame deserves a pair of quality lenses. And that's why our anti-fatigue lenses come from renowned lens manufacturers. 

Our anti-fatigue lens brands

Check out Essilor Eyezen anti-fatigue lens prices here
(frame and lenses all in):

Anti-fatigue lenses are only available for purchase in-person at our studio. Book a visit for less wait time or drop by during our opening hours to shop! Free eye test included.

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