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Blue Light Filter Glasses

(or Screen Glasses)

What is blue light?

Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum with a short wavelength. Light rays that have a shorter wavelength produce higher amounts of energy. We’re exposed to the blue light emitted from our digital devices and screens.

What does blue light do?

Blue light rays cause damage to our retinas over time. Blue light contributes to eye strain and continuous exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration.

Why get blue light glasses?

Our blue light filter glasses are able to block harmful ultraviolet and blue light rays. The filter blocks over 30% of short-wavelength blue light and reduces light scatter. Our lenses are multi-coated as well, helping in reducing reflection and minimising scratches.


Take note that that blue light filter lenses have a slight yellow tint (which isn’t very noticeable)! 

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