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Not sure of how the frames fit you? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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Frame Width



Our faces come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important that your glasses are comfortable to wear! Your frame shouldn’t be too narrow or wide on your face.


To find your ideal frame size, you can measure the width of your face or your current glasses from end-to-end and compare them to our frames. Of course, if you prefer an oversized look, go for it!



​Our flagship frames have embedded metal supports in each frame arm designed for better durability and easier adjustments.

For a snug fit:

  • Bend frame arms inwards (towards the sides of your head) so they are tighter around your head

  • Bend the end/tip of the frame arms downwards so they’re tighter around your ear

For a roomier fit:

  • Bend arms outwards (away from the sides of your head) so that they straighten and aren’t tight around your head

  • Bend the end/tip of the frame arms upward so that they flatten and aren’t tight around your ears

We're always around


We understand how nervewrecking it may be buying glasses online. That's why our services don't end once you've bought your glasses.


Have any further questions or need style recommendations? Don't hesitate to shoot us a WhatsApp message or email! Our team will do our due diligence in assisting you.

Already bought our glasses but need further frame adjustments? Contact us or make an appointment to drop by our office-showroom. Our optometrists are happy to help.

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