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We believe everyone should get to own a pair of quality glasses.

That's why we’ve put in a lot of thought and care into our flagship frames.

Our acetate frames are cut from sheets of Italian cellulose acetate, ensuring desired uniqueness and consistent quality – you’ll find that the tortoiseshell on each of our frames is different!

Our metal frames are made using high-quality stainless steel and titanium, making your glasses not only comfortable to wear but extremely durable too.

The frames are then carefully hand polished before undergoing a stringent process of quality control. Finally, each frame is beautifully engraved with our logo and their individual frame name.

Likewise, our lenses are sourced from our experienced and highly-qualified lens laboratory partners right here in Singapore.

Before being mailed out, your glasses undergo a final round of inspection by our dedicated team of optometrists and opticians.

We’ve put a lot of love into our glasses, and we hope you’ll love them too.


The team at monocle

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