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Progressive glasses

Progressives help you with both distance and reading correction. With age, you may find it harder to read small text or see things up close. That's where progressives come in.

At Monocle, we offer progressive options from Kodak, Essilor (Varilux), and Hoya.

In keeping with our commitment to transparent and fair pricing, we follow the fixed islandwide prices for these lenses set by the lens companies - but include our frame free-of-charge.

In other words, these are usually lens-only prices, but you'll get the whole package - frame and lenses - all in!

How progressives lenses work

Progressive lenses are designed to contain multiple prescriptions; the top is made for long distances, the bottom for short distances (to read your phone or see your phone). In between is an area for intermediate distances, such as your car dashboard or desktop screen.

We believe a quality frame deserves a pair of quality lenses. And that's why our progressive lenses come from renowned lens manufacturers. 

Our progressive brands


View Kodak progressive prices here (inclusive of frame):

View Essilor (Varilux) progressive prices here (inclusive of frame):

There's a wide range of options - if you'd like some advice on choosing a pair of progressives, you can: 

  • Drop us a WhatsApp at 8736 1649 or email - one of our optometrists will reach out or offer a call to personally walk you through our lens options.

  • Visit our studio! Progressives are only available for purchase in-person at our studio. Book a visit for less wait time ( or drop by during our opening hours to shop! Free eye test included.

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